5 Reasons Why Thousands of Men Swear By This T-Shirt

Discover Why Over 100,000 Trendsetters Call Our
230 GSM Loose-Fit Washed T-Shirt a Wardrobe Essential.

1. The Perfectly Shaped Loose Fit Tee

No droopy collars, no stretched out hems. After many iterations, we perfected the loose-fit tee.

This t-shirt offers a relaxed fit and a distinct boxy silhouette.

2. Washed Colors That Make Sense

Earthy, muted colors that make any outfit look better. A carefully selected palette where every color serves a purpose. It's all about choosing the right staple pieces to bring a whole new tone to your fit.

3. Stay Fresh The
Whole Day

Say goodbye to shirts that feel worn out just a few hours into the day. The breathable 230 gsm cotton ensures comfort around the clock - These shirts don't wrinkle up or get soggy, even after a long wear.

4. Wardrobe Essential For Every Occasion

Expertly washed for a vintage look, this premium t-shirt is not limited to just casual wear. The ultimate everyday tee, versatile enough for every occasion - Lounging, gym or dinner.

5. Best Deal On The Internet

5 Premium washed t-shirts for the price of one designer shirt? There's a clear reason why the Staple 5-Pack is constantly out of stock.


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100% Cotton

230 GSM fabric for durability and comfort

Loose fit for a relaxed and laid back style

Expertly washed for a vintage look

Versatile wardrobe essential for everyday wear